Doctor Who’s Diamond Whobilee starts here! The wonderful creative powerhouse that is Big Finish Productions have released the first of a new monthly series of Doctor Who stories celebrating Doctor Who’s sixtieth anniversary. The range is called Once and Future, comprises eight parts. Part seven will be released to coincide with the anniversary itself and the final Coda – in November 2024!

Here in the campervan we are incredibly excited to announce we will be reviewing each monthly releases as and when they make it out into wild between now and November.

So why not listen along with us?! Each of our reviews will be as full as possible, so DO NOT LISTEN BEFORE YOU HAVE HEARD THE STORY!!!! You have been warned!

Part One, written by Robert Valentine is called Past Lives – and is available to own right now by visiting Big Finish’s website. As soon as your ears have digested the story, download our review and join in the celebration with Brent, Michele and Drew! Drop an email to us as (with “Once and Future” in the subject field) and we’ll read your message and discuss your theories on next month’s review show!

All this as well as regular DWPs too!

Happy Anniversary!

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