Nearly typed “planet” there….

What else would any self-respecting Doctor Who podcast be doing straight after Easter. Why, reviewing The Impossible Astronaut of course! The DWP is no different, and it is with a spring in our step and a thrill coursing our entire bodies that we review the season opener.

We also announce the winners of a couple of competitions we have had going over the past month.

The Big Finish Machine keeps on rolling…..and so does The Doctor Who podcast! Join James and Tom as they take a look at the recent 7th Doctor, Ace and Hex trilogy, Project Destiny, A Death in the Family and Lurkers at Sunlights Edge. James also interviews Steven Hall, the writer A Death in the Family – the most talked about Big Finish play in recent years. We also launch yet another competition with a rather nifty little prize and go through some of the oodles of feedback all you nice listeners have been sending in.

Let us know what you think of the episode by getting in touch with us at – and be sure to join us next week for our Season Six preview!

Well, The Aztecs stand even today as one of the most shining examples of Doctor Who. It is a story that fulfils Doctor Who’s original mandate to educate, whilst at the same time it entertains.

This story has always been a firm favourite of the DWP, and we devote our episode to talking about it. We also have an interview with one of the cast from, Ian Cullen, who played Ixta.

“I must know what happens when The Doctor Who Podcast touches human flesh”

When we are not recording the latest amazing episode of The Doctor Who Podcast, the titanic trio are on the DWP forums marvelling at a thread that has grown, Krynoid like, since Matt Smith took over the reigns as the Doctor.

The thread in question is the Who is River Song thread. In this magic part of the forum, our members have been wondering, discussing and disecting various theories, information and flights of fancy over who the character of River Song really is.

We thought it was time the podcast weighed in our ideas as well as discussing the ideas already present.

To round off the episode, James and Trevor review the DVD release for a classic Tom Baker story, The Seeds of Doom.

Keep those questions for the Gallifrey convention quiz showdown, details of who to send them to are in this episode.

Well, its certainly turning into a busy week at the DWP Campervan!

Trevor is back, and he has some things to say about the Christmas Special!

Stay tuned also later this week for an episode devoted to your feedback on the Christmas Special.

Now what else would any self-respecting Doctor Who podcast be doing this time of year?

Apart from fighting over the last scraps of christmas turkey and filling the recycle bins to overflowing with paper, James and Tom also review the Doctor Who christmas special for 2010, cunningly titled A Christmas Carol

This one is the real… deal.

It certainly has been a busy week here at DWP Towers, quizzes and commentary tracks keeping the 50th episode celebration week ticking nicely along.

We have saved the best for last though – episode 50 is now yours to enjoy, and there is a lot to enjoy in this little file!

First up is an interview with the Seventh Doctor and soon to be Lord of the Rings Wizard, Sylvester McCoy.

Tom was lucky enough to have a bit of a chat with McCoy in his recent trip to the Big Finish studios. We think you will find this interview unlike any other you have heard from him.

Back in the studio, the boys review the Seventh Doctor’s first adventure, now unleashed on DVD – Time and the Rani. This much maligned story has been given the 2Entertain deluxe DVD treatment and we look at the release and the story itself.

Thank you to all our amazing listeners out there who have stuck with the show since it began. You are what makes this show what it is and we thank you. Here’s to another 50! 100! 200!

It’s NEW Who, not Nu Who!

A very big episode for you this week, focused entirely on New Who. First up is a review of the audio book The Runaway Train, read by Matt Smith and given away free with the Daily Telegraph a few months back.James got a day pass and went to see Doctor Who Live, and he shares his experience with us. To round off the episode, we have a fantastic interview with Ian McNeice, the man who brought Winston Churchill so vividly to life in the Matt Smith story Victory of the Daleks.

Part 3 available… not!

Trevor and James go it alone in the campervan this week and finish their exhaustive at the latest season of Doctor Who.

We cover many topics. from the kids perspective on the season to just how hot is River Song? The big issues are covered in this episode, yes siree!