With a title like The Girl Who Waited, it wasn’t hard to figure out who this episode would focus on.

Doctor Who presents us with another standalone episode, which Trevor, James and Tom share their thoughts on this week.

We also announce details of an exciting competition!

Whooverville 3 recently took place on Saturday 3rd September 2011 and The Doctor Who Podcast was there!

As where a lot of other podcasts, as part of the Doctor Who Podcast Alliance representation at the event.

OurJames, along with Michael from the Tin Dog Podcast and Luke from the Minute Doctor Who Podcast were lucky enough to interview 80s Who Girl herself, Nicola Bryant.

Enjoy this very interesting interview with the Doctor Who companion who travelled alongside not one, but two Doctors.


After checking the front door to make it was locked, leaving a light on and having the phone handy we settled down to watch Night Terrors, a creepy entry into the Season 6 lineup.

All three DWP hosts are in the campervan this week – Trevor, James and Tom.  Hear what they have to say about this story.

Possibly the most misleading title in the history of Doctor Who (right up there with The Doctor’s Daughter, The Doctor’s Wife and The Happiness Patrol) Let’s Kill Hitler marks the return of Doctor Who to our screens for the second time in 2011.

James and Tom review this most interesting episode.

We also draw the winner of our competition from Episode 95.

Your feedback, as always, is welcome.  Send it through to feedback@thedoctorwhopodcast.com“>feedback@thedoctorwhopodcast.com.

On the review front for this episode Trevor and James look at two classic era DVD releases from 2Entertain – The Awakening and Frontios.  These oft neglected stories from Peter Davison’s final season as the Doctor have been given the DVD treatment and are ready to be appreciated by a whole new generation of fans.

We also take a look at the second episode from the new series of Torchwood, Miracle Day – Rendition.

Also in the show this week are some nice bits of audio feedback we have received recently.  Keep them coming, we love it.

A jam-packed show this week asJames comes back to the campervan, having brought back from his holiday a lovely little painted shell from the seaside.

James shares his thoughts on the Doctor Who Experience with his co-host from the Dad’s Army Podcast, Oliver Crocker. Just what will you, ah, experience at the Doctor Who Experience?

We also review a book by author Alwyn W Turner, The Man Who Invented the Daleks. As the title cunningly says, it is a book about the life and times of Terry Nation, who contributed to Doctor Who and a wealth of other British genre shows.

We also have some copies of the book to give away in our most fiendish competition yet! Thanks go to Ross from the Creeping with Armstrong podcast for donating an additional prize as well.

Well, the time has finally come, our review of a Good Man Goes to War (aka The Only New Doctor Who You Will Be Getting For A While Thankyou Very Much)

Trevor, James and Trevor share their thoughts on this episode, which as is par for the course these days, some questions get answered and some don’t.

I almost forgot to add this bit

It is almost time for you to listen to our review of The Almost People. Almost. All you have to do is read this little show note intro to our episode. You should be able to read either all or most of it. We are now almost half way through the show notes.

Unless of course you started downloading the episode before reading the shownotes, which probably means you are almost finished.

It is too confusing. Almost baffling. Just listen to our review of The Almost People, and see if you understand it. Most of it anyway.

Roll up roll up, what is my bid for this lovely bit of merchandise? The Doctor’s wife – only 52.7 trillion miles on her, and doesn’t she look good? Looks like she just stepped out of the showroom!

See over there, the Doctor Who Podcast review team ready to cast their appraisal over this fine offering today! Have a listen to what they have to say, then come back and place a bid for this once in a lifetime opportunity!