WhilstJames and Trevor were at the Gallifrey convention recently, they challenged the fine folk at the Staggering Stories Podcast to a quiz showdown.

So, in the early morning of a typical Gallifrey convention day, the stage was set. Two teams, a set of microphones, and a willing and eager audience ready to cheer their side on to victory.

Hosted and presented by quizmaster Chip from the Two-Minute Time Lord Podcast, listen now to the two leviathians going head to head to claim the ultimate prize of quiz champion.

The first offering from the DWP Campervan for 2011 is the latest instalment in the mighty tussle that is the DWP Quiz.

Trevor, the perennial loser, is quizmaster again, relishing with gleeful delight his temporary power ofJames and Tom.

A titanic struggle of the wills not to be missed. Please note – this episode was recorded in late December 2010.

And so begins the first part of our week long party here at DWP Towers, celebrating the release this week of our 50th episode!

Everything this week has a distinctly fifty flavour, well, most of it does…

First up for your enjoyment is Quiz No. 5 – Trevor and Tom go head to head against a dazzling array of user submitted questions.

Stay with us all this week, more releases this week to mark our 50 podcasts in the business! It all culminates at the end of the week with our 50th episode, an episode we can guarantee you will not want to miss.

The DWP Quiz – Number 2

What better way to continue on after Quiz No. 1 and move onto Quiz No. 2? The team had so much fun doing the first one, that we recorded another one.

In this quiz Trevor is the quizmaster for Tom and James.

Who will win? Who will shout rigged the most?

The DWP Quiz – Number 1

Something a little different from the DWP. Today marks the release of the first of the DWP quizzes, a semi-regular release in addition to our regular podcast.

In these episodes, the mighty brains of the DWP Campervan (Trevor, James and Tom… no really, it is Trevor, James and Tom) will take turns at being master of ceremonies and pose questions to the other two.

In this episode, James quizzes Trevor and Tom. The winner of this titanic tussle playsJames in the second round.

See how many questions you can get right!

And you the listener can help out by sumbitting questions for future contests. Listen to the episode to find out more details