Took us a while to review this set as the box kept changing shape

AfterJames and Trevor discuss a bit of news that took their fancy recently, they switch to review mode and take a look at the Kamelion Tales box set, a box set comprising The Kings Demons and Planet of Fire.

By a staggering coincidence, these two stories chronicle the sum total contribution the fifth Doctor companion Kamelion provided to Doctor Who during his entire year.

We talk about these two stories and also what you can expect in this release.

“What temptuous contortions of the gyrating kind!”

Big Finish have expanded their already impressive range of Doctor Who-related audios with the release of Jago and Litefoot – Season 1. Henry Gordon Jago and Professor Litefoot are two characters fondly remembered from the Tom Baker story The Talons of Weng-Chiang.

So popular were they that they have been given their own audio series to explore the seedy underbelly of Victorian England.

James and Trevor review the four story first season.

We also have an interview with Henry Gordon Jago himself, Christopher Benjamin. Our thanks go to Luke from the The Minute Doctor Who Podcast for stepping in at the last minute and helping us out with this interview.

Storm in a very large teacup

The DWP couldn’t let the recent BFI screening of the Sarah Jane Adventures story Death of the Doctor pass without comment. The media frenzy and associated fan reaction to the revelations in this episode need to be discussed, clarified and explained. Delve within to find out what the fuss is about.

It’s NEW Who, not Nu Who!

A very big episode for you this week, focused entirely on New Who. First up is a review of the audio book The Runaway Train, read by Matt Smith and given away free with the Daily Telegraph a few months back.James got a day pass and went to see Doctor Who Live, and he shares his experience with us. To round off the episode, we have a fantastic interview with Ian McNeice, the man who brought Winston Churchill so vividly to life in the Matt Smith story Victory of the Daleks.

After spending a few very fruitful weeks in the 1960s the campervan lands back in the present with a resounding vworp vworp and covers the news from recent times.

Also stay tuned at the end of the episode for a special request for any of our listeners that live in the San Francisco area…

“It is the end, but the moment has been prepared… hang on… wrong Doctor…”

Part 3 of our Troughton retrospective brings us to the conclusion of our look at the mighty second Doctor.

In this episode, Tom and Trevor cover Troughton’s last regular season as the Doctor, and also the anniversary stories Three Doctors, Five Doctors and the Colin Baker team up Two Doctors.

We also talk about the depiction of the Troughton Doctor in books an audio.

Come join us for the conclusion to this incredible look at the second Doctor.

“When I say run, run!”

Last time, on the DWP….

Trevor and Tom began their look at the second Doctor, and got as far as the end of his first season. In this episode we move onto his second, and arguably most popular season to see what lies within.

We also hear fromJames, and Luke from theMinute Doctor Who Podcast with a review of the DVD release of the Troughton story, The Dominators.

Hi. James here.

On discovering that I co-present a podcast, the friends and family who show any interest inevitably ask at some point, ‘well, just how long do you spend on this’?! My answer is usually quite brief and goes something like, ‘well Trev and Tom do all the editing, so not much’! And for the most part, that is absolutely true.

However, for DWP #39, Tom and I sent Trev on holiday and we got stuck into reviewing two of the most derided classic who stories of all time – Revenge of the Cyberman and Silver Nemesis. What we thought of the DVD set you can hear on the podcast, but what I wanted to talk about here was the preparation required for this, 45 minute podcast. Continue reading →