Tim from the Doctor Who podcast Tims Take On joins Trevor in the DWP campervan this episode to sift through the fan reaction to the recently screened Victory of the Daleks.

We also air some feedback from the listeners, and their thoughts on the return of the Daleks for the Matt Smith era.

We also find some time to review a semi-recent classic series DVD release, the marvellous box set of Space Museum and The Chase.

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Steve from the TARDIS Tavern podcast joins us this episode to review the fan reaction to The Beast Below.

We also cover the feedback you have been generous enough to send into us.

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The episode The Beast Below comes under the scrutinising gaze of The Doctor Who Podcast this episode. Trevor, James and Tom give their thoughts on the second episode of the series.

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The Doctor Who Podcast is proud to present the first in a series of exclusive interviews with the stars and behind the scenes personalities from Doctor Who.

Our first interview is with Anneke Wills who played Polly companion to the first and second Doctors.

Anneke talks withJames about her time on Doctor Who, her career as an actress and the publication of her two autobiographies, Self Portrait and Naked.

Please enjoy this wondeful interview with the truly delightful Anneke Wills.

Our thanks go to the publisher, Hurst Publishing for making this interview possible. Copies of her superb autobiographies are available via theirwebsite. As always, let us know your feedback at feedback@thedoctorwhopodcast.com.

One thing we want to do here at the DWP is to feature a mid-week episode devoted to the fan reaction to new episodes that air. So whilst Matt Smith struts his stuff on our screens the DWP will deliver two episodes per week.

This particular episode looks at the reaction to The Eleventh Hour. Was it liked? What are the major talking points? How did you the viewer rate it?

Trevor and Tom cover all these issues and more as we discuss The Eleventh Hour.

The Doctor Who Podcast team of Trevor, James and Tom launch the new website with a bang and review the first episode of Matt Smith’s reign as the Doctor, The Eleventh Hour.

It was definately a case of “The Three Do Not Agree” as the boys mulled over their opinions of this episode.

Find out what the DWP thought of Steven Moffatt’s first stab at showrunner for Doctor Who.

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It’s a podcast. About Doctor Who. Clever, huh?

The pre-launch episode of the brand new Doctor Who Podcast website is now available for you to download.

The Doctor Who Podcast is a brand new podcast brought to you by the team that has produced the mega-successful Doctor Who podcast, the DWO WhoCast.

In this episode your new hosts Trevor, Tom and James talk about the reasons for setting up this new podcast, and their hopes and ambitions for the new show.

For new listeners, the boys give a bit of background about themselves. So you know where our passions in Doctor Who lie.

We will be back just after the first episode of Matt Smith’s first season as the Doctor screens, in Episode #1 of The Doctor Who Podcast. Keep an eye out for it!