We promised you a big week for our 50th podcast celebrations, and my goodness we are going to give you a big week!

Our next release is something new for the Doctor Who Podcast. We present to you a commentary track for The War Games, Episode 10. Why this episode you may say? Well, The War Games just happens to be… the 50th story of classic Who!First transmitted 21st June 1969, this episode is an important milestone for so many reasons in the history of Doctor Who. It saw the end of the second Doctor, Jamie and Zoe, the end of the black and white era, and the beginning of a whole new era for the program.

Trevor, James and Tom are waiting to guide you through our own personal journey with this episode.

For those unfamiliar with downloadable commentary tracks, here is a quick primer.

Once you have downloaded the file, load up your copy of War Games episode 10 into your DVD player. Have it queued up ready to go. Listen to the MP3 track on your Ipod or whatever device you use. In the file, there is a clear signal from us when to press play on your DVD player. This will enable you to sync our commentary track with the onscreen action of the episode itself, enabling you to see what we were seeing when we recorded.

We hope you enjoy this exciting new offering from The Doctor Who Podcast as part of our 50th episode celebration week.

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