Its been ages since we have talked just news, news and more news on the Doctor Who Podcast.  In this jam packed episode we talk about the latest news in the Doctor Who universe.

In this episode James and Trevor talk news.  And more news.  And then once they have talked about that, they talk about some more news.

Also James has a chat to Stephen Elsden, organiser of Big Blue Box 2, who for some reason has never viewed a single 7th Doctor story. James is on a mission to set that right, and you can listen to the first instalment of his quest in this episode.

You may have heard of a little show called I’m a Celebrity, Get Me Out of Here! which has been going for quite some time in the UofK.  D-List celebrities are thrown into an Australian wilderness area and forced to eat bugs, undertake ridiculous challenges and spending long nights trying to figure out who is the least obscure amongst them.

Our very own Doctor Who, Colin Baker is making an appearance this season, and James and Trevor chat about just why the Doctor of the multi-coloured coat is willing to make a multi-coloured fool of himself on this program.

The boys also chat about our very own Michele’s appearance at the upcoming Chicago TARDIS, and we launch yet another incredible competition for a very special prize that is definately worth fighting for.

Join James and Leeson and they bring you a special edition of the Doctor Who Podcast.  The chaps are joined by the charismatic organiser of the already iconic Whooverville conventions, Mr Stephen Hatcher.  Whooverville has established itself as laid back, intimate event on the convention circuit, mainly by holding its first two events in a railway shed in darkest Derbyshire.  Now in its fourth year, Whooverville has moved to a new, gleaming, shiny venue in central Derby. James, Leeson and Steve chat about Whooverville’s past and look forward to the next event, Whooverville 4, being held on 1st September 2012 where attendees will be joined by Peter Purves, Terry Malloy, Richard Franklin, Donald Gee for a day of geekiness.

Also, Steve announces a thus-far unannounced guest Whooverville 4 guest exclusively on this very DWP – and frankly, this new guest makes the event an even more exciting prospect!  Tune in to find out just who is coming to Whooverville…..!!

Check out Whooverville 4’s facebook page where you can keep abreast with current developments, find out information about tickets, the venue and even say how excited you are about it!

A special episode from the Doctor Who Podcast this week to share the fantastic news that has just broken.

Two episodes from classic Doctor Who have been discovered and returned by the BBC Archives.

Galaxy Four, episode 3, part of William Hartnell’s third season, has been returned along with the second episode of a Patrick Troughton story, The Underwater Menace.

Trevor and James talk about these discoveries and the background to how they were returned.

They say good things come to those who wait, and we thank you for waiting patiently for this latest episode of what is simply the finest Doctor Who podcast in existence.

In this episode all three hosts review the season finale – The Wedding of River Song.

We also have a bit of a chat about the recent axing of Doctor Who Confidential.

Get your feedback about Series 6 in now, we want to know what you thought of it!

It would be a lie to say it is nothing but the news.

Tom is back in the campervan this week withJames and Trevor and ready to tackle the mountain of news occurring in the Doctor Who world of late.

Also, for attentive listeners, there is a super extra complimentary bonus bit of content this episode! Gosh we treat you guys well!

Took us a while to review this set as the box kept changing shape

AfterJames and Trevor discuss a bit of news that took their fancy recently, they switch to review mode and take a look at the Kamelion Tales box set, a box set comprising The Kings Demons and Planet of Fire.

By a staggering coincidence, these two stories chronicle the sum total contribution the fifth Doctor companion Kamelion provided to Doctor Who during his entire year.

We talk about these two stories and also what you can expect in this release.

After spending a few very fruitful weeks in the 1960s the campervan lands back in the present with a resounding vworp vworp and covers the news from recent times.

Also stay tuned at the end of the episode for a special request for any of our listeners that live in the San Francisco area…