Well.  That was it!  Everything seems strange and lonely now. The first five epsiodes of season seven are now a thing of the past.  There’s no more new Doctor Who to watch on our tellyboxes until Christmas.  What we are going to do on Saturday evenings now?  Hmmm.  Watch Doctor Who DVD’s probably…..  Anyway, Tom and James sit down and talk about The Angels Take Manhattan.  They’re visited by non-linear versions of Ian and Trevor in their respective time bubbles.

Episode 167 will be our season seven wrap-up and feedback episode, so send your audio thoughts and musings to us at feedback@thedoctorwhopodcast.com.

Join Tom, James and Leeson as they get ready for the mid-season finale of series seven of Doctor Who!  Can it be just a month ago that we all sat down in front of our telly boxes, oozing strange anticipatory juices from secretions we didn’t know we had?

The chaps take a pause for breath before the last episode of Dr Who for almost three months airs this coming Saturday. Speculation and guesswork abound – but for those of you with a spoilery disposition, there is a two minute conversation during this episode about a controversial trailer for Angels that as you read this, has already aired in Canada. Leeson gives a clear warning before we start discussing that point which might be a notch or two above some sensitive listener’s spoiler threshold.

We’ll be back in episode 166 after Angels has aired – sadly however, this will not be straight after the programme transmits in the UK this time – you’ll have to wait until Tuesday!!

Feedback always welcome – email us feedback@thedoctorwhopodcast.com“>feedback@thedoctorwhopodcast.com


Writer Chris Chibnall’s second story for Series 7 – The Power of Three goes under the DWP microscope this episode.

Ian and James are in the review seats this episode and are joined later on by a mysterious Leeson in a time-eddy. Really.

The feedback has been pouring into the DWP inbox over the past few weeks, full of your comments on the first few episodes from Season 7.

In this episode, Trevor, Michele and Tom go through the feedback received.

And since they have been absent from the initial review eps, they also share their thoughts on the first three episodes.

Well, oh mercy me!  What do we have here,  wandering into my little establishment!  What do you call yourself, stranger?

The D, W, P… pod-cast you say?  Interesting.  Never heard of no pod-cast in these here parts before.

So beg my asking, but just what does a D, W, P pod-cast actually do?

A review you say?  Surely you aren’t reviewing pretty little me?  Oh my!

Oh, not me… you are reviewing?  A what, a T V show?  Doctor Who?

No I profess to not knowing what in heaven this thing called a T V is, but surely the good Doctor has a last name?  I can’t be calling a gentlemen Doctor Who, now can I?

Oh, I see.  How bizarre.

Well, why don’t you seat yourself down in that chair and tell me all about this T V show?  Does this show have a name, or do I call it Who as well?

A Town Called Mercy?  Lordy be, what a funny name!  Tell me all about it.  Don’t be long now you here, I have chores to attend to.

In this episodeJames, Leeson, Tom and Ian share with you their NON-spoilery thoughts of the first episode from the new series of Doctor Who – Asylum of the Daleks.

The lads were lucky enough to attend the BFI screening of this episode on the 14th August and recorded a bit of a live show where they discuss the story, and some of the interesting titbits that came out of the lively Q&A session afterwards.


We got a bit of the fit of the giggles in the DWP Campervan this week when we realised we had reached the lofty heights of Episode 150 of the Doctor Who Podcast.  So it seemed only apt that we talk about comedy and its relationship with our favourite program, Doctor Who.

And who better than to talk about comedy, but a comedian?  Long time contributor to the show Ashley Frieze finally takes up a pink vinyl seat in the Campervan alongside Trev, James, Tom and Leeson and talks about what has made us laugh in Doctor Who.  We also discuss comedians who have made the leap from standup to Doctor Who as well as comedy gold and misfires.

Ian and Michele also join the fun and discuss – The Horns of Nimon – proper story or panto?

Throw into the mix a few DWP skits and sketches, as well as a song from Ashley, and you have the 150th episode of the DWP!

Welcome to another week of THE Doctor Who Podcast, quite simply the finest Doctor Who podcast around and frankly you should feel honoured and humbled as this episode downloads its way to you!

A very intimate affair this week, with Trevor and Ian together in the Campervan, having a bit of a geek out. The hoary subject of Doctor Who canon is the main subject of the day, and the chaps discuss its relevance or otherwise to Doctor Who.

Make sure you have your downloading devices at the ready next week as we begin our lead-up to our 150th episode, with a very special series of releases from The Doctor Who Podcast.

It is Tom and Trev’s turn this week to share their least favourite stories from the 6th Doctor through to the present Doctor.

We also have a stab at trying to pick our least favourite story from the 1st to 5th Doctor eras.

Ian and Michele also chip in with their least favourites as well.

The DWP Campervan goes literary this week and is awash with a myriad of titles based on the adventures of the 9th Doctor, Christopher Eccleston and his various TARDIS crew.

The four novels we are reviewing, forming our look at the 9th Doctor book range are

Ian and Michele also get into the book reading fun and review Only Human by Gareth Roberts.

We also review a book from the mighty pen of John Barrowman and his sister CaroleThe Hollow Earth. You also have the chance to win your very own copy of this book.

We were also very lucky to coax some of our fellow podcasters and dear friends of the show to provide some readings of the books being reviewed.  Our thanks to Laura from the Oodcast, Chip from the 2Minute Timelord, Erik from the Doctor Who Book Club Podcast, Michele from the DWP and her son Ken!  Thank you all!