The DWP turns its collective eye towards the news of the upcoming Series 8.

There is talk of spoilers.  There is talk of leaked scripts.  There is talk of trailers.  In fact, there is quite a lot of talk.  Not unusual for a podcast mind, but… my word there is a lot of talk in this episode.

Even with all that talk, listeners can rest assured that they will remain undamaged (even if their ear drums do not) from any spoilers for the new series.  We keep you spoiler free because we care.

And also because we don’t know anything.

Enjoy the show!

Join Leeson, Ian and Michele as they travel back in time to Christmas last year, when the second of the two highly anticpated 2013 Matt Smith episodes aired for the first time.  Has the relatively short period since broadcast had an impact on the Campervan’s occupants opinion of the story? Has the seven months been kind to it?!  Find out in the final instalment of our Regenerations Series!

Ian and Michele also dive into a new Big Finish range, the third series of the Fourth Doctor plays.  This time around, The King of Sontar is put under the microscope.

Join James, Stephen, Tom and very special guest Kyle Anderson as they convene to discuss the much maligned tenth Doctor swan-song, The End of Time. This story has is supporters – it finished 82nd in the recent poll by Doctor Who Magazine – higher than A Christmas Carol, higher than The Snowmen and (criminally) higher than The Twin Dilemma; but do this week’s campervan occupants rate it?!

If you like sane, sensible and measured anaysis rather than our usual ramblings, Kyle regularly contributes to The Nerdist, usually about Doctor Who but he does dare to go off topic on occasion. He is also a co-host on both the Doctor Who: The Writers Room and WTF Are You Watching?! podcasts – go check out his stuff!

Join us next week when we get all Christmassy again (yes, in July) as we take on Time of the Doctor in our penultimate Regenerations review.

Join Leeson and James and they take a look at the first new series non-Doctor regeneration story, Utopia.  Just how wonderful was Derek Jacobi?!  Masterful.  They also go through the tail end of the questions that you wonderful listeners have sent in for us to answer.  And the mystery of where Leeson comes from is cleared up once and for all.

Ian and Michele are back as they review the last Big Finish Eighth Doctor and Charley play set in the Divergent Universe, The Next Life.

Join us next week for the next in our Regenerations series – it has the word ‘Time’ in it. And ‘of’. Hmmm.

Join Michele, James and Luke from The Minute Doctor Who Podcast for Part Five of our Regenerations series, our first from the modern era, Bad Wolf and Parting of the Ways.

Ian also pops in to join Michele to discuss the first in the fourth series of Eighth Doctor and Charley Big Finish plays, Faith Stealer.

Enjoy the show.

Amy Pond and Clara Oswin Oswald.  Which character has the more interesting journey? Who is more interesting to watch on screen?  Which actor delivers the most convincing performance?!  Join Stephen, Michele, James and Leeson as they talk about two of the Doctor’s most recent companions.

 Ian and Michele also take time out to discuss the latest Eighth Doctor and Charley play in their marathon listen – and review Big Finish’s Time of the Daleks.

Enjoy the show

Is there a character from from one story, or perhaps just one episode of Doctor Who that you find particularly memorable?  Or is there anyone that you felt gave such good performance that they had you wishing them through the doors of the TARDIS?  Have you been disappointed at having to say goodbye to a Companion That Never Was?!  The history of televised Doctor Who is littered with fantastic performances from members of supporting cast.  Join James, Ian, Michele and Tony as they put forward their candidates of who they believe would have made a fantastic companion to the Doctor.

Join Michele, Tom and Stephen as they talk about the role of the all-powerful Showrunner – and toss some names of potential candidates in the air in terms of whom might succeed Steven Moffat when the time comes.

Ian and Michele continue their voyage through season two of the Eight Doctor and Charley Big Finish plays and take a look at Seasons of Fear and Embrace the Darkness.

We’ll be back next week with Episode 250!  And we’ve a little surprise for you in store….

Enjoy the show.

Join Stephen, Michele and James as they geek out over the latest Doctor Who news.  And George Formby.

We also welcome Stephen Elsden back to the campervan for Part 1 of Re-Trial of a Time Lord – a new mini-series where Stephen talks about his reaction to watching Series 23 for the very first time, some thirty years after it first aired on BBC1.

As if that wasn’t enough, then Michele and Ian continue their trek through the Eighth Doctor Big Finish plays and turn their attention to Sword of Orion!

Enjoy the show.

Happy New Year everyone! And what better way is there to start the New Year off than looking back at one of 2013’s most popular and successful series of Doctor Who events?!

Lat year, the British Film Institute organised the wonderful Doctor Who at 50  – eleven monthly events, each of which celebrated a different era of the show.  At least one full story was screened at each event and then a panel was held with Doctor Who alumni from each era.  The events attracted Doctor Who stars from across the ages – from Tom Baker to David Tennant to Donald Tosh, the BFI was the place to celebrate Who in 2013.

In this episode, James talks to Justin Johnson and Dick Fiddy from the BFI – the co-curators and organisers of the Doctor Who at 50 events and discuss nearly getting Christopher Eccleston, the ticketing decisions and basically how much they love Doctor Who!

Tune in for Episode 242 in a couple of weeks’ time – be warned: it’s our predictions show!