Merry Christmas! Campervans from both sides of the Atlantic park up alongside each other and celebrate Christmas in true panto style! James, Phil and Ian take a festive look at The Horns of Nimon whilst Brent, Michele and Drew discuss their favourite Christmas editions of our funny little show that has kept us all going throughout such an unusual year. 2020? It’s behind us! Oh yes it is! Well nearly, anyway.

And going one better than last year we have not one, but two – that’s right, TWO DWP quizzes! Not enough?! Well, howabout we through in a review of Big Finish‘s Doctor Who and The Pirates as well?!

So join the DWP crew for a truly swashbuckling, pantomimey christmas special edition of The Doctor Who Podcast. You remain of course, Most Welcome.

Merry Christmas!

It’s Episode 314 of The Doctor Who podcast! James, Phil and Michele are back for 85 mins of Who (oh my) Goodness.

James and Phil pick over the news (finally, we have Doctor Who News!) about the upcoming Christmas Special, Season 13 and Big Finish. We also take a squizz at the Eleventh Doctor and Jo Grant Short Trip story, The Infinite Today from Big Finish.

James and Michele then leave Phil on his own in the Caravan whilst they return to the DWP Desert Island to discuss…..well, you’ll just have to listen to find out, won’t you?!

Join us next month for Episode 315 where both the UK and US campervans get together in a single unique space-time event to celebrate a particularly pantomime-esque classic story. What could it be?! Check your feeds on Christmas Day! 🙂

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Enjoy the show!

It’s another episode of The Doctor Who Podcast! Join Drew and James as they take the DWP Campervan out for its latest spin around the Whoniverse.

This month sees the return of our Nine Lives mini series – a detailed look at the all-too-brief Ninth Doctor era. Ian and James have reached Father’s Day – and leave no emotional stone unturned. Do they hold it together? Tune in to find out!

Also on the agenda is the recent announcement from Big Finish that the War Doctor has been recast in a new audio series called The War Doctor Begins. No More? YES More! Exciting stuff.

Rounding off the episode, Michele joins Drew to discuss the all-time classic Big Finish story, Spare Parts.

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Enjoy the show.

Join James and Phil for a brand spanking new edition of The Doctor Who Podcast!

Episode 312 sees the beginning of a spring clean of the Campervan (in October) – the first and most obvious change is our new coverart. Isn’t it brilliant?! It’s designed by the one and only DWP artist-in-residence, Dave – check out his feed for all the other non-DWP stuff on which he sprinkles his magic.

Also – we introduce to you, Desert Island Who! A new feature that is nothing more than a regular slot that allows us to discuss Classic Who, New Who, Big Finish Adventures and Who books. All tied up and introduced by a witty little ditty composed by none other than former DWP host, Leeson Fischer! It’s another earworm to rival the theme from Nine Lives – which returns in next month’s DWP.

What with nerdy observational ramblings about Fury from the Deep and Out of Time – the latest multi-Doctor audio from Big Finish, what is there not to love about this episode of your favourite Doctor Who podcast?!

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The campervan is back! After nearly six months, the DWP returns with James and Phil at the helm. What do they cover? Well, it’s probably easier to ask what don’t they cover?! After being held back by a life-changing global pandemic, nothing stops James waxing lyrical for over an hour, almost without drawing a single breath – although to his credit, Phil does try!

Series 12 six-months on, Christopher Eccleston’s return to role with Big Finish, Jon Culshaw as the Brigadier, Tweetalongs, Doctor Who lockdown quizzes, Missing Episodes and those that hunt for them, the Special Edition of the Power of the Daleks animation and Fury from the Deep are just some of the topics discussed!

So find an armchair – or a corner in your favourite COVID-safe public house – and tune in!

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Enjoy the show.

It’s your final bonus DWP of Series 12! Isn’t it sad?! So pull up a comfy chair, pour a drink and grab your slippers – and join Brent, Drew and Ian as they chew over an episode of Doctor Who for the last time this year.

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Enjoy the show!

Well, that’s it! Another series of Doctor Who has passed into history. Whether you loved or loathed it, didn’t it go past in the blink of eye?! Tune in to find out what Stephen, Phil and James thought of the Series 12 climax, The Timeless Children.

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It’s another bonus episode of the DWP! Join Brent, Drew and Ian as they bring you up to speed with their thoughts about Ascension of the Cybermen.

Less than a week to go to find out how everything you thought you knew is a lie!

Let us know what you think – of Ascension, this series or what you think is going to (or should) happen in the finale! Email us at, reach us on Twitter or find us on Facebook.

Enjoy the show.

Join Stephen and James as they review the penultimate episode of the current series, Ascension of the Cyberman.

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Finally! Drew and James record together for the first time since the DWP returned and discuss the fabulously titled Episode 8 of the current series, The Haunting of Villa Diodati! Adam also drops by and puts Drew to shame by talking about last week’s episode *and* the previous week’s – so he’s TWO weeks late!

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Enjoy the show!