The DWP Campervan this week is getting a little crafty.  The dining room table is covered in paints, crayons and half finished sketches of John Barrowman.

The lounge suite is swimming in a sea of different coloured wools, so much it would put that witty knitter Madame Nostradamus to shame.

And the kitchen.  Let’s just say it will take a little while to clear up the paper mache, glue and tinsel.

What is all this for you may ask?  Well, Trevor, Leeson and Tom have been delving into the wonderful world of fan creativity, in its many guises and forms.

Doctor Who fans certainly are a talented lot, and we have found a few that we wish to share with you today.

Discussed in this episode are the following gems of fandom imagination:

There is plenty more out there to be had, so treat yourself on a rainy afternoon to a feast of Doctor Who, fan-style.

We also have an interview with Paul Scoones, author of the Comic Strip Companion Volume 1, published by those book boffins at Telos Publishing.  This book has started the long journey of chronicling the Doctor’s adventures in the comic strip form.  We also give you a chance to win a copy of this fantastic book.

And if that wasn’t enough to keep you going tis episode, Ian and Michele complete their review of the Big Finish I, Davros series.

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