The love for Big Finish at the Doctor Who Podcast Towers is well known, we have often trumpeted our passion for the ranges from the highest of rooftops.  From its dedicated monthly range of releases featuring classic Doctors to its Companion Chronicles, and various spinoff series featuring characters from the show, Big Finish is the flag bearer for Doctor Who in audio.

This episodeJames and Michele share their love for the releases and some of the hidden gems to be found at Big Finish and talk about some of their favourite stories.

As the title of this release suggests, quite a busy and eclectic week at the Doctor Who campervan.

First up is our look at Power of the Daleks – Reimagined, the fan film that sets to bring to life one of the classic and beloved stories from the Patrick Troughton era of Doctor Who.

We have an interview with the man who plays the Doctor, Nick Scovell, and producer/DOP/tea maker Rob Thrush.

We review Power of the Daleks – Reimagined to see how it stacks up against the story that inspired it.  Ian and Michele also had a listen to an audio recording of the original 60s story and share their thoughts.

We also have an interview with Graeme Burk, one of the two authors of a marvellous Doctor Who reference book called Who is the Doctor.

Ian and Michele are back again to round off the episode with their review of the Big Finish audio The Catalyst.

The Doctor Who Podcast turns its steely gaze towards the Big Finish Towers this week as we look at the latest trilogy of Big Finish audios featuring the 8th Doctor, Paul McGann.

The Silver Turk, The Witch from the Well and Army of Death fall under the watchful eye ofJames, Tom and Ian.

Our love affair with Tom Baker and Big Finish continues with Leeson, Trevor and James reviewing the latest batch of Fourth Doctor and Leela adventures.

Renaissance Man, Wrath of the Iceni and Energy of the Daleks are popped into the tape deck for a listen. What will the verdict be?

Plenty packed into this weeks episode for you to enjoy.

First up are two interviews, both recorded during Trevor’s trip to Toowoomba last month. The first is with David Riley, organiser for the Toowoomba Local Group of the Doctor Who Club of Australia.  Trevor talks with David about how he set up the club and the wonderful community of fans that exists in this regional area.

Next up Trevor spoke to Geoff Campbell, who has produced a replica TARDIS which sits pride of place in his front yard. Trevor talks to Geoff about the background of the project, and the challenges he faced building this replica, as well as the worldwide community of TARDIS builders that exists.

Ian and Michele review a Big Finish Companion Chronicle – Solitaire.

Trevor and James review the DVD release of the classic Doctor Who story, The Sensorites.

Very exciting week here at the DWP Campervan as Trevor, Leeson and Ian kick back and review the new releases from the Big Finish range, Doctor Who audios featuring he of the long scarf and bags of confectionary, the fourth Doctor Tom Baker.

We have waited a very long time for Mr Baker to appear in a Big Finish audio.  Just how did he fare?

The lost stories Foe from the Future and Valley of Death are reviewed, along with the first story from the regular season of new fourth Doctor adventures, Destination Nerva.

Big Finish is again the subject of another exciting podcast from the DWP Towers this week as we delve into the latest McCoy threesome of releases from this most magnificent company.

Robophobia, The Doomsday Quatrain and House of Blue Fire has been obtained, listened to and disected.  Just what will Trev, Leeson and James make of them?

You are most welcome to the latest episode of the Doctor Who Podcast.

Within this jam-packed podcast you will find an interview with writer Nev Fountain, he of Big Finish, Dead Ringers and Mervyn Stone Mysteries fame.  Trevor had a chat with him about all things comedy, Doctor Who and sofas.

Michele and Ian review the Big Finish Companion Chronicle, Peri and the Piscon Paradox.

We read through your feedback for the 2011 Christmas special.

All this, and a major announcement that will shake the DWP to its very foundations.  A little.

With the season of gift giving upon us, the DWP Campervan turns its thoughts towards Christmas, and how Doctor Who has celebrated the season across its entire run.

The DWP Team of Trevor, James and Tom welcome special guest Leeson from the Radio Rassilon podcast in discussing Doctor Who and its references to Christmas. From breaking the fourth wall in the Hartnell era to flying sharks in the Matt Smith era, its all there.

Ian and Michelle also drop by with reviews on the Big Finish entries into the yuletide spirit.

This week on the podcast we review two of the lost Sylvester McCoy stories released from Big Finish – Animal and Earth Aid.

We also have an interview with one of the stars from Earth Aid – Paterson Joseph – the Doctor who almost was.