This week a veritable feast of DVD reviewing as Trevor, James and Tom chow down on two classic era DVD releases.  The First Doctor story Planet of Giants and the Third Doctor story The Ambassadors of Death fall under the microscope of the DWP campervan team.

Also included this week is a review of one of the more recent Tom Baker Big Finish audios, The Auntie Matter.

It’s another interview special!  This time, we are immensely proud to present an interview with the definitive tin dog himself, Mr John Leeson.  And if that wasn’t enough, we talk to the legend that is Chase Masterson about playing opposite both Tom Baker and Sylvester McCoy in recent Big Finish plays and how her portrayal landed her with her own spin-off series, Vienna.

These are just two of the interviews we recorded at Big Finish Day 3, more are on their way very soon. Our thanks go to 10th Planet Events and Big Finish Productions allowing us to cover the event.

Next week: they’re BACK! Trev, Tom and James put some classic DVDs under the microscope and Ian and Michele return with a review of one of the latest Fourth Doctor and Romana Big Finish plays.  Don’t miss it!



Join Leeson and James as they present the final piece of our coverage from Big Blue Box 2, a Doctor Who Convention held in Tunbridge Wells earlier this year. James hosts the writer’s panel in front of a theatre full of Doctor Who fans and talks to writers Andrew Smith, Simon Guerrier and Nigel Fairs.  How does it feel to have written the first words for a character that was killed off two years later?   How does it feel to resurrect a sixties companion forty five years after her on-screen death?! And what is it like to kill off a well-loved companion from the seventies on audio – and then be commissioned to write a sequel?! All these things and more are discussed on this episode of the Doctor Who Podcast!

Big Blue Box was run in aid of Compaid – a charity that helps disabled people in the south east of England and Kent.  Find out more by visiting their website at  Thanks again to Stephen Elsden for being an all-round jolly decent chap and allowing the DWP to cover the convention.


It’s another interview special!  This time, James was fortunate enough to interview Louise Jameson on stage at the recent Big Blue Box 2 convention held in Tunbridge Wells.  As many of you will know, Louise appeared as Leela in forty episodes of Doctor Who with Tom Baker back in the seventies. Louise was an absolute joy to speak to and fondly reminisced about her time on Doctor Who.   Join her and James as she discusses Leela, Big Finish, Tom Baker, directing Katy Manning and her forays into writing and directing.

Thanks to Stephen Elsden, the Commander-in-Chief of the Big Blue Box conventions which are run in aid of Compaid – a charity providing services to disabled people in the South East of England.

A big week here in the DWP Campervan here at the compound.

Trevor, James and Leeson wrap their heads around the epic new series episode from last Friday night – Remembrance of the Spume.  As we see Season 14 coming to a close the revelations are coming thick and fast, and this story is no exception!  Is there enough in this story to keep long term fans happy and new fans entertained?  Can the show recover from the “Mars Colony” incident?

Ian and Michele keep the Big Finish reviews coming, and take a look and listen to the latest adventure – Clink.

Onion Boy makes his triumphant return to the DWP airwaves after his enforced cyro-sleep and makes some interesting observations on the question that must not be answered…

As always, get your feedback in via the usual means.  We look forward to hearing from you.

We return to the deep bountiful well of Big Finish in this episode, with Michele and Trevor reviewing one of the latest trilogies from Big Finish.  Sylvester McCoy as the 7th Doctor takes centre stage in the audios Protect & Survive, Black & White and Gods & Monsters.

We also feature the second part of our Seventh Heaven series, in which Stephen Elsden continues his journey through the previously unseen era of the 7th Doctor.

James, Ian and Michele were lucky enough to attend the Gallifrey convention in Los Angeles this year, and now that they have returned to their respective parts of the world they come together again in the Campervan to discuss what they thought of the 24th Gallifrey convention.

Ian and Michele also review the final two stories in the Big Finish Counter Measures box set.

It’s another journey into the world of Big Finish – join Trevor, Leeson and Tom as they take a look at this Fifth Doctor, Turlough, Nyssa and Tegan trilogy released towards the end of 2012.  This eclectic collection of stories sees the TARDIS materialise in Calcutta, on a meteor and in Australia proving once again just how inventive the minds of those amazing bods at Big Finish really are.

But did the Campervan occupants like them?  Never a podcast to hold back, tune in to this latest edition of The Doctor Who Podcast to find out.  Howzat?!

In a short break from our Burning Issues mini-series, James and Michele take a look at some of the recent Big Finish special releases and discuss the new adaption of Love and War and also take a look at the two Sixth Doctor, Jago and Litefoot stories, Voyage to Venus and Voyage to the New WorldJames also gets to chat to Bernard Holley who stars in Love and War. All that and a competition to boot!

James also caught up with Stephen and got an update on the exciting goings on at the upcoming Big Blue Box 2 convention.

Last month, the assembled hordes of Doctor Who fans across the planet descended upon the United States third largest city, Chicago.  The DWP was represented in the form of our very own Michele who in additional to being on the podcasting panel, spoke to Messrs Richard Dinnick and Paul Spragg.  Richard has written extensively for Big Finish in both the written and audio formats whilst Paul, Big Finish employee-extraordinaire and serial crisp eater talks about Doctor Who on audio and the plans that Big Finish have for the future.

Join Tom and Michele as they bring you our coverage of the convention  which showcased none other than Sylvester McCoy and Sophie Aldred as headliners and a host of other Dr Who luminaries.