Following on from our mini-season of Burning Issues podcasts earlier in the year Stephen Tom and James are back with the first in a new series.

It’s often been said that Doctor Who takes its lead from other television shows and films, and certainly, there are times when a new story’s inspiration is apparent. But its also widely accepted that Doctor Who is unique and despite many attempts, not one show has been able to emulate the precise je ne said quoi our beloved show so clearly has. So what is it? A Trend Setter or Follower? Tune in to hear our take on the matter.

Also, this episode sees the last of our popular Seventh Heaven instalments. Stephen (no,not that one, the other one) has finally finished his quest to watch all of the Sylvester McCoy stories for the very first time. Tune in to hear what he thinks about The Curse of Fenric and Survival.

Join us next week for a leisurely discussion (yes, we do those sometimes.  What?!) about just what an older actor playing the Doctor will mean for the show.

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