Join the trust ol’ pairing of Michele and Ian as they take over the Campervan this week and review Episode 2 of Flux, War of the Sontarans.

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Keep an eye on the feed midweek for the resolution of the most important cliffhanger this season – will Leeson manage to find his way out of the campervan’s chemical loo?! Oooh, the tension!

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Doctor Who is not the only thing that’s returned this week – we are proud to present the return of the rather lovely LEESON FISCHER to the DWP Campervan to share his thoughts (and he does have thoughts) about The Halloween Apocalypse.

Not wishing to miss out, Phil returns with a very special guest reviewer – and Drew, Ian and Brent also get in on the action. So yes dear listener, that’s SIX reviewers on the DWP this week – so far!

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It’s BACK! Doctor Who is back on our tellyboxes in Chapter 1 of the six-episode epic, FLUX. Join Phil and James in the campervan for their hot-take on Episode 1, The Halloween Apocalypse!

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It’s Episode 314 of The Doctor Who podcast! James, Phil and Michele are back for 85 mins of Who (oh my) Goodness.

James and Phil pick over the news (finally, we have Doctor Who News!) about the upcoming Christmas Special, Season 13 and Big Finish. We also take a squizz at the Eleventh Doctor and Jo Grant Short Trip story, The Infinite Today from Big Finish.

James and Michele then leave Phil on his own in the Caravan whilst they return to the DWP Desert Island to discuss…..well, you’ll just have to listen to find out, won’t you?!

Join us next month for Episode 315 where both the UK and US campervans get together in a single unique space-time event to celebrate a particularly pantomime-esque classic story. What could it be?! Check your feeds on Christmas Day! 🙂

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