In response to requests from many of our listeners the DWP presents the first part of our two-part nostalgia trip through the DWP hosts favourite Doctor Who stories.

Trevor, Tom and James will sort through each era of Doctor Who and pick out some of their personal favourites.

This episode we cover the first six Doctors. Watch out later in the week for the conclusion to our stroll down memory lane.

We also review the next episode of Torchwood, episode 3 of the current season.

Featured in this episode is a great song called “The Mind of Evil” from Billy Davies aka The White Robot, an awesome DWP listener in New York.

On the review front for this episode Trevor and James look at two classic era DVD releases from 2Entertain – The Awakening and Frontios.  These oft neglected stories from Peter Davison’s final season as the Doctor have been given the DVD treatment and are ready to be appreciated by a whole new generation of fans.

We also take a look at the second episode from the new series of Torchwood, Miracle Day – Rendition.

Also in the show this week are some nice bits of audio feedback we have received recently.  Keep them coming, we love it.

Tom is all alone in the campervan this week so he dug into the mailbag to see what you have been sending our way regarding Series 6 Doctor Who.

And you have been very busy! Thanks so much for all your thoughts and comments.

Tom attempts to make a sizeable hole in the mountain of envelopes and emails as we listen to what our listeners thought of the second year of Matt Smith and Co.

Sponsored by Jacktar Rum, presumably… nobody is going to get that reference, nobody…

Season 6 keeps barrelling along and with a yo ho ho we come to the third episode – Curse of the Black Spot. Trevor, James and Tom discuss the merits and otherwise of this story.

We also play some feedback we have already received about this very episode!

I know what I think, but what do you think?

It is all very well and good for the fine folk in the DWP Campervan to rabbit on about the episodes, but what do you out there think? Trevor has the campervan all to his own this episode and covers the fan reaction to the first two episodes of the season.

And something a little different this episode we eavesdrop on a few fellow podcasters shows to find out what they thought of the episodes as well. So, if you like what you hear, please check out these fine shows – Two-Minute Time Lord, DWO WhoCast, Radio Free Skaro and The Oodcast. Well worth your time for a download and listen.

In this episode we read out and listen to the amazing amount of feedback we have received from you over the past few weeks – keep it coming everyone!

The Big Finish Machine keeps on rolling…..and so does The Doctor Who podcast! Join James and Tom as they take a look at the recent 7th Doctor, Ace and Hex trilogy, Project Destiny, A Death in the Family and Lurkers at Sunlights Edge. James also interviews Steven Hall, the writer A Death in the Family – the most talked about Big Finish play in recent years. We also launch yet another competition with a rather nifty little prize and go through some of the oodles of feedback all you nice listeners have been sending in.

Let us know what you think of the episode by getting in touch with us at – and be sure to join us next week for our Season Six preview!

With Trevor now firmly ensconced back in the campervan, it was time to take a dip into the mailbag and read out and listen to the feedback we have received concerning the latest Christmas special.

Our thanks to all the listeners that took the time to send in their thoughts.

We crack open the mailbag, see it is empty, and crack open our email inbox instead

Tom and James are the dynamic duo in the campervan this week as they crack open the mailbag and cover the feedback we have received over the past month or so.

A lot of subjects to cover, and added to that a lot of the usual witter, urbane banter from the boys!

Thank you so much for all your feedback, we love hearing from you. Keep it coming!

Yes, we do have more to say about the season!

Now it is all done and dusted the DWP team can sit back and take it all in and discuss our overall reaction to Season 5. Trevor, Tom and James cover a variety of subjects in this episode, and play some of the excellent feedback we have received.