Ahh, Christmas 2006 – seems like such a long time ago!  I was an avid listener of the DWO WhoCast, at the time fronted by Paul and Seb.  I remember having just watched The Runaway Bride and opening my keyboard in a fit of rage, and banging out a message on keyboard – hard enough to break some of the keys!

Anyway, I came across my review the other day, and thought you might like to read it – and four years later, I stand by it!  So here it is – feel free to let me know what you think.

Have a great Christmas and New Year! Continue reading →

You know, I was sitting there the other afternoon returning from a particular busy day at work, daydreaming, looking out the window.  Thinking about Doctor Who.  As one is wont to do.  And I was thinking about the different “personalities” of the Doctor throughout the years.

We are all familiar with them, aren’t we?  The first Doctor and his crotchety, yet warm and inviting warmth he displayed to his companions.  The third Doctor and his dislike of authority figures. The fifth Doctor and his irritability, masking his keen intelligence.  The sometimes violent sixth Doctor.  And the mysterious, old beyond his years seventh. Continue reading →