Join us for another episode of the famous DWP where we endeavor to review The Mummy on the Orient Express AND produce show notes that are EXACTLY 66 words long.

That’s the extra effort we go to for you, our dear listeners.

Join Stephen, Trevor, Ian and Michele as they foxtrot their way through menacing mummies, cranky companions, terrifying train journeys and a monologue from Leeson Fischer.


Join the DWP in an extended version of the podcast as they travel to moon to……review its murder. Yes, Stephen, Ian, James and (now regular guest) Nerdist blogger Kyle Anderson (he won’t leave!) talk about Episode 7 of the current series, Kill The Moon. Trev also drops in with his views.

James also speaks to Tony Osoba about his appearance in Kill The Moon, which is actually his third appearance in Doctor Who after guest roles in Destiny of the Daleks and Dragonfire. He talks about working with Peter Capaldi, travelling to Lanzarote with the cast and crew and how Capaldi’s approach to the Doctor differs from Tom Baker and Sylvester McCoy’s.

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Enjoy the show!

Grab your mops and brooms, but leave your fezzes behind – they are SO last season – and join Leeson, James , Trevor and special guest Kyle Anderson as they review episode 6 of the new series of Doctor Who, The Caretaker!

The Campervan sets up overnight in the merry forest of Sherwood to discuss all things Doctor Who this week.  Join Robin Trevor, Maid Michele and Little Stephen as they put forth their views on the third episode from the Capaldi era – Robot of Sherwood.

Stand by for a review of Episode 2 of the new series of Doctor Who, Into the Dalek!  This week, Michele, Tom, James and Trevor discuss the merits of the journeying to the centre of a Dalek.  And never mind The Doctor – is our pal Rusty a good Dalek?!