If yesterday’s episode wasn’t enough to whet your appetite for the upcoming Gallifrey 23 convention, starting today for the next three days Michele, Trevor and James share their personal memories of attending Gallifrey 21 in 2010 and Gallifrey 22 in 2011.

Not so much reviews, more a trip down memory lane as they try and capture in audio their feelings and experiences attending the convention.

First up is James, who talks about his time at Gallifrey 21 and 22.

Self indulgent?  Yes.  Personal?  Yes again.  Guilty as charged.


Trevor is joined by Michele and special guest Chip from the 2 Minute Timelord Podcast to preview the goings on at the biggest Doctor Who convention in the world, Gallifrey 23.

With over 1800 attendees already confirmed for this event, it promises to be an exciting weekend for Doctor Who fans.

The team go over the schedule and pick out their highlights.

In what is the DWPs last bit of Gallifrey 22 coverage, we present the epic quiz showdown between the DWP and the Oodcast.

It was early on Sunday morning, and a hushed silence fell over the convention area as the arena was set for the epic battle of wills between the two mighty podcasts.

Presented by master of ceremonies Clayton Hickman have a listen now to what is a truly memorable chapter in not only DWP quiz history, but will go down in the annals of Gallifrey history as something rather special. Laid it on thick enough for you?

Just what is the description for lots of cos-play Amy’s? A reservoir of Ponds?

Trevor and James made it back safe and sound to Australia and the UofK after their mammoth Gallifrey 22 convention experience, which took place in LA in late February.

They shared with an eager and incredibly jealous Tom their experiences over that weekend.

Did any of you attend Gallifrey and want to share your thoughts? Send them in to feedback@thedoctorwhopodcast.com.

WhilstJames and Trevor were at the Gallifrey convention recently, they challenged the fine folk at the Staggering Stories Podcast to a quiz showdown.

So, in the early morning of a typical Gallifrey convention day, the stage was set. Two teams, a set of microphones, and a willing and eager audience ready to cheer their side on to victory.

Hosted and presented by quizmaster Chip from the Two-Minute Time Lord Podcast, listen now to the two leviathians going head to head to claim the ultimate prize of quiz champion.

The Mott is in the house! (campervan)

It is our great pleasure to bring you at The Doctor Who Podcast an interview with Wilfred Mott himself, Bernard Cribbins.James was lucky enough to speak to him recently.

Bernard’s time with Doctor Who stretches back as far as the second Dalek movie – Daleks’ Invasion Earth 2150AD, all the way up to his most memorable Who role as Wilfred Mott, grandfather and sometime comapnion to the David Tennant Doctor.

In the rest of the podcast, Tom and James geek out about companion mix ups. What if Adric was a companion to the 9th Doctor? How would Nyssa fare alongside the Matt Smith Doctor?

Gallifrey 22 is not far away, and the DWP team needs your help! Full details are in the show.