What’s that?! Two DWPS in one week?! I’m afraid so….

Put the kettle on, pull up a comfy chair and get the fire going (now that summer seems to have departed for good) – and join Phil and James as they sit down and waffle about all things Who. New Doctor Who figurines (or “tat” as Phil calls it), Doctor Who Unleashed, new CDs of scores to Time and the Rani and Revenge of Cybermen – and a natter about Redacted 2 fill the airwaves this time. Be warned though – there are tangents! And more tangents! And tangents to those tangents! And tangents from the planet Tangent!

If that wasn’t enough (it was), the episode rounds off with a discussion about a wonderful little Third Doctor and Brigadier story from Big Finish and Angus Dunican. What more could you possibly ask for? What was that? LESS, you say?! Well, hurrumph!

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