A big week here in the DWP Campervan here at the compound.

Trevor, James and Leeson wrap their heads around the epic new series episode from last Friday night – Remembrance of the Spume.  As we see Season 14 coming to a close the revelations are coming thick and fast, and this story is no exception!  Is there enough in this story to keep long term fans happy and new fans entertained?  Can the show recover from the “Mars Colony” incident?

Ian and Michele keep the Big Finish reviews coming, and take a look and listen to the latest adventure – Clink.

Onion Boy makes his triumphant return to the DWP airwaves after his enforced cyro-sleep and makes some interesting observations on the question that must not be answered…

As always, get your feedback in via the usual means.  We look forward to hearing from you.

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