Join Leeson and JNT as they bring you Part 4 of Radio Leeson and their thoughts on Chapter Four of Flux, Village of the Angels. And many other things too as it turns out! JNT tackles the first couple of questions he’s received (get yours to him at with AskJNT in the subject field) – and he then performs a guitar medley of his ol’ man’s favourite songs. No, we’re not sure why either, but we understand he’s taking requests.

Sanity returns in the form of Phil and Scott – and Michele, Brent, Drew and Ian drop by too. In fact, all the DWP hosts are on this one, apart from James, who has become obsessed with looking for songs with lyrics relevant to Doctor Who stories. Please send help.

We hope you enjoy the show. Please let us know you think, particularly of Ian’s Kooky Theory of the Week!! Or is it all that kooky after all?! Let us know! Email us, get in touch with us on Twitter or search us up on Facebook.

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