Hot on the heels of Eighth Wonder earlier this month, Drew, James, Ian, Michele and Phil get together for another excursion in the DWP Campervan. Poor Brent is still convalescing after spending a week discussing retro-genitor particles! (The 25% discount off Dark Eyes 1 is still valid, but only until the end of April 2021!)

Firstly, James and Drew catch up and discuss Season Eight on blu-ray (or at least the parts James has seen to date), the lack of Daleks in Dalek Universe 1 and generally, how brilliant a job Big Finish are doing at keeping companions from the sixties-era alive in brand new stories.

Phil then joins Ian for the latest installment of Nine Lives where The Empty Child and The Doctor Dances are put under the microscope.

Last but not least, Michele speaks to James and Ian about a multi-Doctor story that brings the First and Second Doctors together in Daughter of the Gods.

All that plus – Drew and James critically analyse contributions to the world of singing……from John Barrowman and William Shatner. Oh dear.

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We’ll be back with Episode 322 at the end of May! Enjoy the show.

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