Join James, Stephen, Tom and very special guest Kyle Anderson as they convene to discuss the much maligned tenth Doctor swan-song, The End of Time. This story has is supporters – it finished 82nd in the recent poll by Doctor Who Magazine – higher than A Christmas Carol, higher than The Snowmen and (criminally) higher than The Twin Dilemma; but do this week’s campervan occupants rate it?!

If you like sane, sensible and measured anaysis rather than our usual ramblings, Kyle regularly contributes to The Nerdist, usually about Doctor Who but he does dare to go off topic on occasion. He is also a co-host on both the Doctor Who: The Writers Room and WTF Are You Watching?! podcasts – go check out his stuff!

Join us next week when we get all Christmassy again (yes, in July) as we take on Time of the Doctor in our penultimate Regenerations review.

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